Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Muscle Maximizer Program

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Friday, March 14, 2014

The 300 Workout Plan

This is the 300 workout plan!

Glute Expercise

Create a program for the glutes is not very complicated, but it will require experience and time to adapt your sessions or your glutes to your goals and your overall workout.

To muscle glutes, it will take into account various interrelated criteria:- Number of exercises buttocks- Frequency of training per week- Number of series for glutes- Number of repetitions for glutes
Number of exercises

Alas, it is not possible to give a universal answer , because they are interdependent on each other .For example, if you decide to train your buttocks once a week (Split) , it is clear that this training will include more exercises you if you train three times ( Full Body) .Generally, 3-4 week periods are amply sufficient . They include two basic exercises and 1-2 isolation exercises if you want. It is normal to fumble when you're a beginner but with practice , it is easier to understand how to create a program glutes.
Training frequency

Remember that the most is the enemy of the good . Like all muscles , glutes need repospour progress.You will , in any case adapt the workload to the intensity of your workouts . Unless you work volume , the more you will need intensity .There is no reason to train your glutes more than the rest of your body, since they are already solicited for poly -joint exercises for the lower body ( squat, press ..) . It is not necessary to devote an entire session , unless you really want to focus on the muscle group. The ideal would be to include the work the glutes in a session on the posterior chain lower body ( hamstrings and glutes for example)
Number of sets

2-4 sets of work are sufficient for each exercise. Indeed, think more series give you more result is false . If you make more than 6 sets , you can not put the intensity you need. Always focus on quality and intensity workload.
Number of repetitions

The number of repetitions referred depend on your goals :- For work force you aim low range of repetitions (6 or less)- For hypertrophy , you'll focus intermediate sets of 8 to 12 repetitions- For endurance or series you will recall beyond 15 reps .- By 50 or 100 repetitions, you will catch a weak point.